Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options

There are two options for payment. The first option is a split payment, which is the most popular method. Once the driver has been confirmed to your vehicle, we'll charge a deposit (typically 20-40% of the total balance). The remaining balance is then due at delivery direct to the driver in cash, cashiers check or a money order.


Payment Types

We accept all kinds of credit/debt cards! There is cash-only payment option.

Our Carrier Network

We vet all of our drivers through extensive processes that include quality scores, experience, quality scores and more.




Dedicated Reps

When you go with Lightning, you get a dedicated auto transport agent that is by your side, every step of the way. If you need to contact your rep, you'll have their direct number that can be contacted at anytime. You can also email us directly to [email protected] with any questions!


There's no need for refunds! Only once a driver has been assigned to your  vehicle AND confirmed by you, will you be charged anything. If you wish to cancel after you have been charged, we'll fund back your initial payment, minus $100 as a cancelation fee.


Out Of State Moves

Moving out of state? We've got your back. With our flexible scheduling process, all we need is a 3-day window for pick up. Let us know about your flight departure and arrival date and we'll schedule around that!

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