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Everyone's shipping needs are different and unique, but we are happy to help, no matter the circumstance. Trying to find open and enclosed transport can be misleading and confusing, which is why we're here to help! Compare the different types of transport below to figure out which auto transport suits your shipping needs the most.

Open and Enclosed Transport

Open Trailer Transport

Most cars transported in the United States are transported by an open car trailer. This is the most common way to transport vehicles and the most cost efficient.

Enclosed Trailer Transport

Enclosed trailers are hard sided containers that protect your vehicle from the weather and exposed elements such as rocks, dirt and bugs. This method of shipping is not as common and will cost a little bit more.

Shipping Enclosed vs Shipping Open

Open Transport

Open transport is a safe way to transport your vehicle from point A to point B. Your vehicle will be amongst 8 other vehicles that are being transported along your route. This is also the most cost efficient way to transport your vehicle. Due to the large majority of open car haulers on the road, open transport is more readily available. We also provide up to $100,000 worth of insurance for your vehicle during transport! 

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is not always necessary, but there are circumstances in which you you might choose to go with this option. With this option, your vehicle is not exposed to the open road, weather, dust and bugs. This means your vehicle will arrive in the exact conditions in left in. Typically, enclosed transport is best for collectable vehicles, high-end vehicles and vehicles with sentimental value. These trailers make up for a small amount of available car haulers in this industry. In result, enclosed transport may cost 40% more than an shipping on an open trailer. These trailers tend to have fewer cars on them and can travel more miles per day. If you need an expedited shipment, enclosed may be a better option.


There is no right or wrong method of shipping your vehicle. Both options have their own pro's and cons, but either one is safe and reliable. If you have any additional questions or if you are not sure which option you need, give us a call so we can help and answer any questions you might have to help pick the best option for you!

Who We Ship For

  • Military

    Military relocations or moving to / from base. We offer a Military discount just ask your transport representative!

  • Buying a Vehicle Out-Of-State

    This is very common, especially with some of the tax benefits that other states offer on car purchases.

  • Car Enthusiast

    Do you have a nice ride that you want to bring to car shows? Try an enclosed trailer to bring it to and from. Since we vet all of our drivers, your vehicle will be in the best hands possible! Looking to trade your exotic car for another exotic car? Check out Exotic Car Trader!

  • Students

    College can be a stressful time, especially if you are going out of state. Dealing with moving can be stressful enough. Setting up transport for your car there shouldn't be! Break the ice and ask us about our student discount!

  • Car Dealerships

    We work with plenty of car dealerships to help get your customers car from your lot to their home. With our high auto transport success rate, this tends to be a win-win situation for you and your customer!

Open and Enclosed Transport

Important Note

The sooner you receive a quote and setup your auto transport, the easier it is to guarantee your spot on a trailer. 

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