Shipping A Car From An Auction

Shipping Vehicle From Auction

Bidding on a vehicle from an auction can be tricky. If you work in the car-sales industry, you probably have your own experience with auctions and know what to look for when bidding. Unfortunately, not all auctions are alike and truthful when disclosing what issues the vehicle you are bidding might have. From personal experience…

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Open vs Enclosed Car Shipping

Open and Enclosed Auto Transport

If you’ve never shipped a vehicle before, you’re probably wondering how it will be shipped. Open transportation can come in different sized trailers. Open transport can range from 3 car trailers used for short distance moves, to 9 car trailers used for cross country auto shipping. Enclosed car transport usually only comes in one or…

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A Guide For Buying Vehicles Out Of State

Guide for buying vehicles out of state

When it comes to buying a new ride, especially a sport car, you’ll probably be pretty picky. If you plan on spending a pretty penny on your dream vehicle, you’ll want nothing but the best. It can be tricky when it comes to finding the right vehicle for you. Sometimes, you’ll even have to break…

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How To Ship A Classic Vehicle

classic blue coupe

Whether you have recently purchased a classic vehicle or just need it relocated, you’ll probably want some tips and advice when shipping a classic car enclosed. Classic cars can be highly valued and consider rare or epic. When handing your vehicle over to a shipper, going with the most top rated companies will save you…

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Relocating a Vehicle to a New State

Relocating your vehicle to a new state

Relocating to a new state can be quite a headache. With all the moving parts that come with relocating, shipping your vehicle can be a challenge itself. There are a few things to consider when relocating a vehicle to a new state. How far are you moving The biggest obstacle to consider are the miles…

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